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Blessings for Those with Brain Injuries

Posted on March 21, 2014 at 9:15 AM

In honor of Brain Injury Awareness month, I offer this poem to care-givers, professionals, and those with Brain Injuries for what those with Brain Injuries have added to life to make our world a better place. (Go to my website's Home page to hear me read the poem aloud.)

Blessings For Survivors of Brain Injuries


Blessings for offering another version of life,

not Hollywood’s.


Blessings for undertaking rough terrain

with few signposts warning of danger.


Blessings as you travel a jungle of primal emotions

and remain in love with life.


Blessings for teaching others how to accept help for even the most basic things,

like walking, finding a word or planning a day.


Blessings for looking people in the eye and holding your head high,

in spite of your shattered confidence.


Blessings for picking up the pieces of your old self

and showing how to create a new life.


Blessings for offering a map

for others to use to explore their own inner landscape.


 Blessings for receiving help from family and friends

  so they can experience the gift of giving.

Blessings on you for learning a new dance

and singing a new song.


Now, write your own blessing for care-givers, professionals who have helped, and/or for yourself.   



A Life Interrupted: Living with Brain Injury

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Categories: TBI, Healing Resources, Writing to heal